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oops… I DroPPED it again

Whether it’s a cracked screen, battery problem or issue with your charging port and/or power button, Flex has you covered for phone repair. We’ve seen everything and there’s nothing we can’t fix! Take a look at the chart below to view our pricing on cracked screen phone repairs.

Broken Tablet?

No one wants a cracked tablet screen! We’re experts with tablet repair, so we’ve seen it all from cracked screens to water damage and power issues. Let us take a look at your tablet and we’ll do our best to repair it at a great price! Reference the chart below to view our pricing on cracked screen tablet repairs.

ScrEEn rEPlacEmEnt PricEs


Model Price Repair Time
6/6s/7/8/SE $49.00 30 minutes



$49.00 30 minutes
iPhone X/XR/11 $89.00 30 minutes
iPhone XS $109.00 30 minutes
iPhone XS Max $119.00 30 minutes
iPhone 11 Pro $149.00 30 minutes
iPhone 11 Pro Max $179.00 30 minutes
iPhone 12 Mini $149.00 30 minutes
iPhone 12/12 Pro $189.00 30 minutes
iPhone 12 Pro Max $199.00 30 minutes
iPhone 13 $199.00 30 minutes
iPhone 14 $229.00 30 minutes

iPhone (Back Glass)

Model Price Repair Time
iPhone 8 $89.00 4 Hours
iPhone 8 Plus $89.00 4 Hours
iPhone X $99.00 4 Hours
iPhone XS $99.00 4 Hours
iPhone XR $99.00 4 Hours
iPhone XS Max $109.00 4 Hours
iPhone 11 $99.00 4 Hours
iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max $119.00 4 Hours

iPhone 12Mini/12/

12Pro/12Pro Max

$149.00 4 Hours

iPhone 13Mini/13/

13Pro/13Pro Max

$149.00 4 Hours

iPhone 14/14Plus/

14Pro/14Pro Max

$149.00 4 Hours


Samsung Galaxy

Model Price Repair Time
S22 Ultra 5G $389.00 Next Day
S22 Plus 5G $279.00 Next Day
S22 5G $259.00 Next Day
S21 FE $249.00 Next Day
S21 Ultra $389.00 Next Day
S21 Plus $239.00 Next Day
S21 $229.00 Next Day
S20 FE $199.00 Next Day
S20 Ultra 5G $299.00 Next Day
S20 Plus $299.00 Next Day
S20 $299.oo Next Day



Model Price Repair Time
Stylo 7 $159.00 Next day
Stylo 6 $149.00 Next day
Stylo 5 $139.00 Next day
Stylo 4 Stylo 4 Plus $129.00 Next day
v60 thinQ 5G $249.00 Next day
v50s thinQ 5G $149.00 Next day
v50 thinQ 5G $169.00 Next day
v40 thinQ $169.00 Next day
Velvet $239.00 Next day
G8x thinQ  $149.00 Next day
G8s thinQ $179.00 Next day
G8 thinQ $219.00 Next day
G7 thinQ $139.00 Next day
G7 one $139.00 Next day

Google Pixel

Model Price Repair Time
Pixel 6a $249.00 Next Day
Pixel 6 Pro $349.00 Next Day
Pixel 6 $239.00 Next Day
Pixel 5a 5G $239.00 Next Day
Pixel 5 $259.00 Next Day
Pixel 4a 5G $209.00 Next Day
Pixel 4a $219.00 Next Day
Pixel 4 xl $209.00 Next Day
Pixel 4 $169.00 Next Day
Pixel 3a xl $169.00 Next Day
Pixel 3a $169.00 Next Day
Pixel 3 xl $179.00 Next Day
Pixel 3 $179.00 Next Day
Pixel 2 xl $139.00 Next Day
Pixel 2 $119.00 Next Day
Pixel xl  $129.00 Next Day
Pixel $129.00 Next Day

Apple Watch

Model Price Repair Time
Apple Watch Series 1 (38mm/42mm) $99.00 Next day
Apple Watch Series 2 (38mm/42mm) $149.00 $169.00 Next day
Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm/42mm)

$159.00 $189.99

Next day
Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm/44mm) $199.00 $219.00 Next day
Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm/44mm) $189.00 $219.00 Next day
Apple Watch Series SE (40mm/44mm) $189.00 $219.00 Next day
Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm/44mm) $189.00 $199.00 Next day
Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm/45mm) $229.00 Next day

Screen Replacement Prices


Model Price Repair Time
iPad 2/3/4 $79.00 4 Hours
iPad Mini 1/2/3 $79.00 4 Hours
iPad Mini 4 $179.00 Next Day
iPad Mini 5 $189.00 Next Day
iPad Mini 6 Wifi Only $449.00 Next Day
iPad Air $79.00 4 Hours
iPad Air 2 $189.00 Next Day
iPad Air 3 $199.00 Next Day
iPad Air 4 Wifi Only $199.00 Next Day
iPad Air 5 $219.00 Next Day
iPad 5th Gen $89.00 4 Hours
iPad 6th Gen $89.00 4 Hours
iPad 7/8th Gen
$99.00 4 Hours
iPad 9th Gen $109.00 4 Hours

(call for pricing)

(call for pricing)

OEm vs aFtErmarkEt

We offer both OEM and aftermarket replacements. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which means that it’s made by the same company that made the phone or tablet. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are made by different manufacturers, but they are much cheaper. We recommend that you go with an aftermarket replacement for a couple of reasons, one being that they are almost identical to the originals and much friendlier to your wallet. We also have plenty of aftermarket screens ready to go in house, whereas we have to wait for OEM parts to come in each order we make. The overwhelming majority of screen replacements are aftermarket because they prove to be a quality solution at a more affordable price. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please give us a call at 806-771-5000 or visit our contact page for more information!

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